Dutch MasterJuices

We stole some priceless art from The Rijksmuseum & dropped it in a Philips blender. 

Now you can drink a masterpiece!

People ignore fruit and vegetables. 80% of us don’t get enough of them. This can lead to all kinds of serious health problems. Luckily, Philips believe there’s always a way to make life better. So, with Dutch MasterJuices, we teamed up with The Rijksmuseum to put fruit & veg back in the picture.

Team: Helen Fernando & Djajant Hanenberg.


Cannes Lions / Bronze / Direct
Cannes Lions / Bronze / PR
Dutch ADCN / Bronze / Advertising
OneShow / Merit / Branded Entertainment
OneShow / Merit / Experiential / Immersive
SG Creative Circle / Gold / Outdoor
SG Creative Circle / Gold / Print & Outdoor
SG Creative Circle / Silver / Events
SG Creative Circle / Bronze / Sponsorship
SG Creative Circle / Bronze / Non-Digital Platforms

Here's how we announced the launch of Dutch MasterJuices to a wider audience. With an audacious art theft.

Everyone at home could taste a masterpiece, thanks to some handy 'How-To' films.