Philips Hue
Light your home smarter

Hue may well be the original ‘connected’ bulb, but these days everyone from Ikea to GE is doing their own IOT colour-changer. Even their ‘me-too’ ads looked like Hue’s.

So we had to relaunch, ditch the Philips-y image, and stand out like the true market leader should.

So we did.

We owned the territory and gave a light name to every conceivable scenario in which Hue can make everyday moments extraordinary.

Online, the hero ad pushed people down the funnel to product specific hub films, and chased them up with hygiene purchase and spec content.

Key learning: media strategy is crucial, but is nothing without the midget party and a dog in the track-suit.

Team: Jacques Massardo, Tolga Büyükdoganay.

The hero film.

Hub films.