the momentum challenge

Interactive installation / sharable content

Pre-launching at IFA (Europe’s largest Tech Exhibition), Sennheiser needed to convince people that their true wireless earbuds were not just as powerful as wired headphones, but more so.

We redirected their scepticism away from doubting true wireless itself, towards an an intriguing interactive test. The challenge: show no emotion whilst listening to the most powerful earbuds available, and win a pair.

People though that it would be simple. No headphones can trigger real emotion…

Thanks to a specially composed musical journey of binaural sound, 360 mixing and diverse musical genres, and hair-trigger facial recognition technology, most test subjects cracked early.

Some lasted a little longer.

Only two made it to the end of the test.

We suspect that they are, in fact, robots.

Team: Jacques Massardo, Nick van Wagenberg, Neville van Outheusden