Can you see music?

In 2015, we helped to relaunch the Heineken Green Room across Asia as Original Sound Experiments: interactive dance music events to let people experience music beyond simply listening.

For the first experiment we tested a simple hypothesis:
can you see music?

A diverse group of collaborators created experiments to challenge how we interact with music. 

At the heart of each 'sight experiment' event was 'the orb' - a giant interactive spherical screen featuring stimulating visuals that were tied to the music and responded in real time to the activity of the crowd.

A pre, during and post-event tool, the Green Room app was a 'ticket' to the event, was used to build anticipation, was an activity tracker triggering what happened on The Orb, and was a portal through which to share and relive the event the next day through their 'data selfie'.

The Original Sound Experiments brought together music, interactive tech, over 50,000 music fans, at 36 events across 17 cities. 

Their music looked something like this:

Overall, through the integrated campaign, over 12.5 million people discovered yes - you can see music!