I Know

Research by Kotex found a worrying lack of awareness amongst young Asian women about the things that affected them the most - their bodies, sex, pregnancy and periods.

With their next brand campaign they wanted to do something to help.

The ‘I Know’ movement aimed to empower girls across Asia, by helping them to know about their own bodies. Shamed for even asking, myths and rumours keep girls scared. We needed a campaign and a tone of voice that they could safely engage them.

The centrepiece for the campaign, the Origami Girl was a way for girls to fight the myths, discover truths and share them with other girls.

The campaign ran across tv, online and social media, as well as educational activation events.

Online, we gave girls access to all the information that they needed and wanted - in a sympathetic but empowering tone, that spoke to them in they way that they needed.

A community was built to let girls spread the truths themselves, helping them to take control over the information that was withheld from them, and take more control over their lives.

The Origami Girl was at the heart of all activity.

In communities that did not have access to the internet, the Book of Truths helped to bring facts to more remote areas.
Each page could be folded into an Origami Girl and passed on after reading, so that even more girls would benefit.