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The best person to tell us about the importance of being your 100% real self is someone who learned that lesson the hard way. Please welcome back Fab Morvan, of pop's original and biggest fakers: Milli Vanilli.

In this campaign to promote KFC's 100% real chicken, we answer the burning question once and for all... can Fab Morvan sing for real?

Team: Darre van Dijk, Tolga Büyükdoganay, Jacques Massardo.


Cannes / Finalist / Radio

Good things don't come easy

Sometimes, the right words aren't words. They're chicken. 
KFC wanted to talk about how their FC is made - that is, ‘the hard way’. And that's pretty damned inspiring. Because when you taste the patented pressure-fried results of hard work – delicious fried chicken made fresh every day, by hand, by chefs – you’ll see that good things don’t come easy.

Product - KFC Burritos
Half-Hour Holidays

It's summer. (It was summer). You should totally get away from your desk for lunch, with KFC's ultra portable Burrito-to-go, and check in to one of these super deluxe Half-Hour Holiday destinations.