Coca-Cola x McDonald's

The Timeless Shape of Happiness

Coke's limited edition, collectable glasses - promoted with ads that were just as desirable.

The Coke glass is a shape loved by fans and recognised by everyone. Admit it - we've all got one in a cupboard somewhere.

The 2015 collection series was based on historic Coke bottle designs, to celebrate Coke’s 150th anniversary.

We needed to promote the collection across 22 diverse markets around the world. So, we literally built the campaign around the shape that represents happiness to all.

The iconic silhouette of the coke glass.

We recruited artists from across the markets, gave them each one of the classic years and the same brief: build that 'timeless shape' using your interpretation of what happiness looked like in your country in that year.

The result is a series of artworks that are just as captivating and collectable as the glasses themselves.

The artworks formed the basis for all communications.

Simple TVC's saw popular artworks come to life to celebrate the Timeless Shape:

Using Coke and McDonald's popular social channels, we teased millions with snippets of the new artworks and the new glasses.

At launch, the artworks tied all communications together across all kinds of media.

Restaurants became galleries for the artworks:







Hong Kong - 1889

Indonesia - 1955

Japan - 1965

Taiwan - 1995

Philippines - 2015