Cupid Games

CloseUp, a toothpaste brand, is all about helping people ‘get closer’.

With a proposition like that, it would be criminal not to do something for Valentines’ Day.

The Cupid Games gave teens the license to get closer to their crush by giving them fun ways to break the ice.

It’s pretty simple: spin the tube > get your random challenge > film the results and win a date at the Close-Up Ball on Feb 14th.

The campaign attracted players by using popular influencers in key markets to take the challenge.

Here’s a couple of the challenges. (In the somewhat conservative markets that we were targeting, these were seen as quite daring).

Thousands of submissions from Nigeria, India, The Philippines, Vietnam and Bangladesh proved that Close-Up helped people get past that awkward first moment and get closer.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 15.17.24.png