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Philips / Rijksmuseum Sponsorship
New From philips

Introducing a revolutionary hands-free, easy to use, reality-augmenting, anxiety-lowering, pain-relieving, dream-aiding, spirit-lifting product from Philips. is film was used to pre-launch the new brand positioning; there's always a way to make life better.


CIMB APac Classic Sponsorship
We Know What It Takes

CIMB Bank sponsored the first ever PGA Tour event
in South East Asia.
A big deal for the bank, they wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it. Here’s the TVC from the We Know What It Takes campaign.


International Coastal Clean-Up

People know that plastic is bad stuff. They also know that there’s a shitload of it floating around in the oceans. What they don’t know is that it’s getting into the food chain. So we hijacked a few seafood restaurants to get the message across.


Big Orange Self Storage

Big Orange Self Storage needed a promotion push.
Whilst competitors haggled with price promotions, we behaved like a market leader and claimed the emotional space that best represented the world of self storage: space itself.


World Aids Day

No scare tactics. No threats or guilt trips. No worthy preaching. Just some anonymous, true and thoroughly embarrassing sex stories.

These books were distributed over a weekend in Singapore’s busy shopping district. Needless to say, in this conservative nation, they picked up lots of attention and a few complaints from various groups preaching abstinence and pro-family values. It’s always nice to get free PR.


Health Promotion Board
I Quit

It’s hard to quit smoking, but with a little support from those around you it can be easier. Singapore's Health Promotion Board wanted to encourage more support for quitters, but people there rarely ask for help, so we told the story of one man – David Pang.

To show Singaporeans how important support is to a quitter we charted his quit journey and involved the whole country through many different media, creating the worlds’ biggest support group for just one man.

We showed people how to support quitters and let quitters themselves know that it was ok to accept help.


Effies / Gold
IPA / Gold


Vistit Britain
Visit the other britain

Visit Britain wanted to attract a younger audience from across Asia. But the kids saw Britain as a bit stuffy and boring: the Royals, Stonehenge, tea and constant rain.

So we showed them the hidden side with a hijacked, graffiti-scrawled version of the boring Visit Britain site.

On one level just a simple website, the project became lots of fun. Being English meant that we were (perhaps foolishly) entrusted with saying what the hell we wanted about Britain, however the hell we wanted.

So we did. 

That's how we were able to push the non-tourist side (and non-league footy side) of Britain. 


Asia Interactive Awards / Silver / Copywriting
Asia Interactive Awards / Bronze / Copywriting
OneShow / Merit / Copywriting, Websites


Be Surprised By Money

CIMB was a Malaysian bank, launching consumer banking in Singapore, during a financial downturn.
So we needed something with a little more cut-through than the average Singapore bank ads. Something a little more surprising. 

Like 'a-dude-in-a-dollar-suit-making-people-jump' kind of surprising.

Despite global financial gloom we managed to exceed sales targets for all banking products. This led to a happy client and lots more work from CIMB.


Effies / Silver

Thanks to the retail nature of a bank client, we had all kinds of products to sell. The 'Be Surprised' platform let us have fun with all of them.


Mitsubishi iSport
Sat Nav

The iSport is a quick little city car. Mitsubishi wanted to play up it’s surprisingly surprisingly speedy credentials.

In this radio commercial, the iSport is too fast for the unfortunate sat nav.


OneShow - Merit - Radio





Space. We all want a little more. So, to promote Big Orange storage - who have loads of space just lying around the place, we sent out free samples of premium quality space. People love free stuff.

I pray to Jesus, Buddah and all the fairies that you never feel like you've lost part of yourself.

Big Orange Self-Storage have lots of space to spare. We demonstrated this in radio commercials, by giving air space to people who couldn't fit everything into their own ads.